This is awesome…

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Does anyone read this crap?

For any of you inter-web transients that come across this.

I will be posting some new pics and video hopefully soon.

Anyways, haven’t been doing any shows or “working” too much lately. Strangely there isn’t much demand for a semi-pro FMX rider/Land Body Board/ Big Wheel flipper outside of Nitro Circus and Thrillbillies. Go figure.

So I have taken to surfing, riding BMX and MTB a bit. Enjoying the challenge of learning something new. Think I might enter some MTB freeride comps this year. We’ll see.

Oh and I have this amazing footage of Street Bike Tommy. I’ve been holding on to it for a while. It was captured while we were on the road filming Nitro 3D. Been Trying to upload it for two days with no success. stupid youtube. error messages. aarrrggghh

But keep an eye out for it.



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blogging… whats up with that? huh huh…anyone?

First post from me. (Dusty)


this is awkward..


uhh  Surfed HB today.

First two hours forced me learn how to deal with frustration. sucks to suck.

last hour… hack session. elements lined up.

surfing again tomorrow.


Rick would go.

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Playing with the Website


We’re playing around with the website, trying to get it just right.  Please feel free to give us your thoughts and comments.

- Dusty

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